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gorilla glue #4

Chem's Sister X Sour Dubb X Chocolate Diesel

Gorilla Glue #4 is known for its very distinct flavor and smell due to its chocolate diesel and chem parents. Very earthy flavor with slight sour chocolate undertones. This is a great strain for people new to smoking or just getting back into it due to the mellow natural taste. 

Smoker Level=1


New York sour diesel

Sour Diesel X Hawaiian/Afghan
Very interesting sour lemon flavor with a diesel exhale that will leave you wishing you had more. Great uplifting high with a relaxing come down.
Smoker level=2


platinum cookies

Og Kush X Durbin Poison X Unknown
One of the states most popular strains because of its even high and amazing flavor. With its sweet earthy flavor and strong long lasting high this is definitely a great bud for people looking to get a little deeper into the world of hybrids.
Smoker level=3


tahoe og

Og Kush X San Fernando Valley OG
Very earthy flavor with slight lemon undertones. Great daytime smoke if used in moderation but can quickly overcome newer smokers because of the indica traits it inherits from its parent SFV OG. Good for pain relief and insomnia.
Smoker level=4


maui wowie

Super fruity tropical flavor with deep roots to the Hawaiian islands and some of the best landrace strains in the world. This isn't your fathers maui though, the newest generations can produce up to 25% THC or more, so if you're just getting back into smoking expect a much more intense high than when you last had this old school strain. Great for an uplifting high with great social effects.
Smoker level= 3