northwest connoisseurs



California Orange X Super Skunk
Great orange citrus flavor with an amazing energetic and upbeat high that is great for family events or going out as it won't leave you groggy or zoned out. Awesome beginners sativa.
Smokers level=1


Black Cherry soda

Unknown genetics
This sativa dominate hybrid tastes as good as the name suggests. Often leaving a "fuzzy cola" feeling on the tongue. Very strong pain relief with minimal slow down makes this a great day time smoke for those looking for a good body high without being stuck to the couch.
Smoker level=2

Blackberry kush.jpg

blackberry kush

Afghani x Blackberry
Great berry flavor with an earthy exhale. Tastes as great as it smells! Very strong body high that can easily topple the most experienced smokers if not careful.
Smoker level=4.5