Boggy Boon


Super Lemon Haze

Lemon Skunk X Super Silver Haze
Two time Cannabis cup winner
Lemon flavor very sour with slight earthy back. Very energetic smoke with almost zero slow down. Not a good choice for someone looking to chill/mellow out.
Smokers rating=4

double dream.jpg

Double Dream

Blue Dream X Dream Star
This sweet smokes is known for its berry undertones with very intense high that can leave even the most experienced with their breath taken away. Not your older brothers blue Dream for sure!
Smoker level=4

ChemmY Jones.jpg


Cinderella 99 X unknown sativa
Super sweet citrus flavor that tastes as good as it smells. Keep this one sealed up or it will stink up your house! Great for a relaxing high with a nice happy undertone. Great for helping with headaches!



Super Skunk X Big Skunk Korean X Afghani Hawaiian.
Very sweet flavored flower with slight floral undertones. Very relaxing high with amazing mental clarity, great for watching tv or movies. Good beginners smoke.
Smokers level=1


Chemmy Jones

Chem Dog X Casey Jones
Very earthy flavor with hints of pine. Very good day time smoke with very little slow down but noticeable body high.
Smoker level: 3